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Board of Directors

XTC Lithium’s (ASX:XTC) board of directors possesses the right mix of exploration and development experience

  • John Featherby

    John Featherby

    Non-Executive Chairman

    Mr Featherby has extensive experience in the stockbroking and wealth management industry.

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  • Kevin Lynn

    Kevin Lynn

    Executive Director / CFO / Company Secretary

    Mr Lynn is a Chartered Accountant (ACA) with a Master of Finance and a member of FINSIA (F.FIN) and the Institute of Company Directors (FAICD)

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  • Carlos Arecco

    Carlos Arecco

    Non-Executive Director

    Mr Carlos Arecco is one of the most respected and successful businessmen in Argentina. His company Arecco Ingenieria (AISA) was founded in 1979.

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  • Carolina Arecco

    Carolina Arecco

    Non-Executive Director

    Ms Arecco is Argentinean and she is currently the Commercial Director of Arecco Ingenieria SA., a company which had a major shareholding in CLi.

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  • Juan Manuel Santos

    Juan Manuel Santos

    Non-Executive Director

    Juan Manuel Santos is Director of Catamarca Operations. Juan studied management of agro-industrial companies.

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  • Matthew Beem

    Matthew Beem

    Executive Director – Latin America

    MR Beem is fluent in Spanish and is a CFA charterholder (Chartered Financial Analyst).

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